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Fog Machines


Fog machines

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Fog machine is the equipment needed for concerts, shows and discoteques. At discos, you can see beautiful fog illuminated by the rays of light devices. This impressive effect is created by fog generator which is called fog machine. Such devices not only generate fog, but also scatter it in desired direction, as a result - rays of light become more extensive and visible even in daylight.

The properties of fog generated by fog machines differ from the usual smoke from the fire. Because during the "production" of fog there is no flames and combustion products, it is absolutely harmless to health and has no pungent smell. Fog machine produces fog from a special liquid. Liquid for fog machines consists of distilled water mixed with a certain amount of distilled glycerin. Often, flavors are added to the liquid for fog machines. Depending on the desired time of fog dispersion, liquid fog fast, medium and long action is used.

Liquid for fog machine is pumped into the heating element (evaporator) of a fog generator, where it is heated and turns into fog, which is released from the nozzle of a fog machine.

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Fog Machines
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Fog machine

The cost of models of European and American manufacturers significantly exceeds the value of Asian fog machines. American fog generators are produced on the factories in the U.S. and they are the highest quality. Fog machines produced in Asian countries, are also reliable and have good quality, but their main advantage is an acceptable price.

The cost of a fog machine depends not only on the country of manufacture, it is determined by the other parameters, such as its productivity, power consumption of the heater, additional functional features. In general, the higher is productivity and more complex design of a model, the higher is its price.

Fog generator with low productivity, ie volume of fog per minute, are used in small enclosed spaces, such as discos and clubs.

Regardless of the brand and manufacturer, all the fog machines, both manufactured in the USA and in European and Asian countries, have an attractive modern design and will blend harmoniously into the interior of any club, theater or concert hall.

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