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400 watt fog machine


400 watt fog machine

400 watt fog machine, smoke fog machine, dj fog machine

A fog machine is a device which imitates the look of fog or smoke. The fog machine is as a rule utilized in making effects for stage shows, filming effects, or now and again for Halloween or other moderate presentations.

The usual way a fog machine functions in occupational situations, is by heating a blend of glycol and water to create a fog-like steam.

The wattage of the heating element may be a nice detector of how well a fog machine will perform. Many consumer units typically range from 400 to 1300 watts. With a larger wattage output, the fog machine can not just produce more fog, but not least, it will not have to commute into a re-heat cycle as frequently, forasmuch as the coil has quite more power available.

We once in a way detect used fog machines being auctioned online. The problem is that as any electrical or mechanical appliance, fog machines are stuff to wearout, and even if it seems as it's never been put to use, you factually don't have a clue how much operating time it has had. In addition, re-sold items generally have no guarantee or warranty. Thereby do not forget, you always get exactly what you pay for!

400 watt fog machine, fog machine with timer, fog machine chiller

400 watt fog machine

In the first place, be sure to follow the producers' safety and operating directions. It is essential that you discover and exclude potential threats that could result in injuries and ignition.

You can use the Internet to find 400 watt fog machine and anything else you require. Visit this page to find more about fog machines.

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